The best holiday destinations to travel to in 2022

Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt

After we have all dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic in a global way, so many of us yearn to go travel and feel free to explore different parts of the world. There are plenty of destinations that are on your bucket list, but what ones stand apart from the rest? Which ones are the major places that you absolutely have to go to?

Here are some of the best holiday destinations to travel to in 2022. When you start planning one of these dream vacation spots, be sure to learn more about any required travel documents that may be required of you at Natvisa! You can learn more and find help when you have to apply for a visa so you don’t have anything to worry about other than packing your bags.

New Orleans, Louisiana

One of the best times to go to New Orleans is during Mardi Gras, an annual celebration that signifies the start of the Lentin Season. You will find massive parades and parties, with people getting beaded necklaces and walking around with hurricanes and grenade drinks. And in late April, you can go to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and hear the jazz that is famous in New Orleans. New Orleans also has an interesting past with voodoo and you can learn all about it on walking tours. This is a great holiday destination to go to with friends or on a bachelor or bachelorette weekend.

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Cairo, Egypt

A lot of people have been heading to Cairo and the rest of Egypt recently and for good reason. You can go and see the Great Pyramids of Giza, Mount Sinai, and the temples that are all along the Nile River. Egypt has become a very safe place for solo travellers to go and for groups and families. In November of 2022, the largest archaeological museum is set to open, the Grand Egyptian Museum. This will be home to the entire collection of artefacts from King Tut. You’ll definitely want to check out the current policies to see if you are required to apply for a tourist visa before heading to Egypt.

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Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is a special place for many, and staying in Dublin lets you feel all of the magic of the Emerald Isle. Walk around Trinity College and stop at the Book of Kells to see the ancient biblical manuscript in person. Go to the Guinness Factory to get a pint of the good stuff, and then go to the Jameson Factory to have a cocktail making class. You can easily find a tour that will leave from Dublin and take you out to the Cliffs of Mohr and the Wild Atlantic Way. Or stay in the city and catch a showing of Riverdance before heading out into Temple Bar at night.

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Siquijor, Philippines

If you love a good urban legend, Siquijor may be a perfect destination for you. Known as the Island of Witches since the 16th century, the island is still known to be home to holistic healers that use materials from the earth to create medicines and help people. Hike the small island and see the rivers and waterfalls that invite you to jump in. Or you can rent a bike and head to the different beaches. Be sure to make time to go snorkelling over the coral reefs! It is an island that has kept hotel development small, so you won’t feel crowded while on your vacation. You can even try glamping or staying in a posh treehouse if you don’t want to stay at the main resort. The island is also known for its music traditions, so be sure to listen in at live performances.

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Almere, the Netherlands

If you’ve ever wanted to go explore the Netherlands, but maybe want to try somewhere other than Amsterdam, Almere is a great option. Every 10 years, Almere hosts a six-month-long gardening show where people from around the world will come and marvel at the different plants and exhibits that are displayed. The next show is in 2022, from April to October, so book your trip to it soon. Exhibits will be showing people how metropolitan cities can be greener and more sustainable, as well as showcasing orchestras and jazz bands. There is also wine tasting sessions and many food trucks to pick from. The city itself is new and is a pioneer in sustainable living, and you will easily be able to see how urban and organic needs mix so well.

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Stewart Island, New Zealand

If your idea of a perfect vacation includes untouched terrains and new developments being well out of eyesight, Stewart Island is a place you should consider going. The island is home to more than 20,000 kiwi birds and less than 400 people, so you can tell that preservation and sustainable living is important here. This is also a Dark Sky Sanctuary, which means you will be able to clearly see the Milky Way and the Southern Lights (this hemispheres Northern Lights) clearly, especially during the months of June and July. You can go kayaking, diving, or explore the many hiking trails that are kept as natural as possible. 

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Travelling is a great joy and a lot of people will want to do it as the world starts to open up after COVID-19. Making sure you pick the right destination for your budget and desires is important and the places on this list are sure to be the best places to create new memories.  As you start to plan, make sure you have the right travel documents ready.